Virtual ADHD Conference, October 4-6, 2010

It’s coming up again! This time it’s the 3rd annual Virtual ADHD Conference, October 4-6, on a phone near you!

The Virtual ADHD Conference offers you all the benefits of attending a physical conference, with none of the hassles. This is your opportunity to interact with the experts, get your questions answered, connect with the community, and get the tools and resources you need to succeed… Without ever leaving home!

I’ll be presenting at 10:15 am Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 5 on the special needs of ADHD teens and what you can do to help you both survive those years. You can read more here or listen to my interview about my presentation.

And here’s where to sign up! This is a chance for you to listen live to well know and popular presenters like Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Patricia Quinn, and get useful current information on topics such as medication, mindfulness training, bullying, anxiety, how to deal with your stuff, and much more.

So, I do hope you’ll sign up, and I also hope I’ll “see” you there!
All my best,