What people say about Sarah as a Presenter

Sarah Wright is a wonderful presenter! She spoke at our Annual Fall Conference and at our Teachers’ Workshop. She was very well received by the audiences, fully engaging them. Sarah has a great demeanor, speaking with knowledge and confidence while being calm and cool. I would love to have her speak for us again!

Kathy Engle, Director of Operations, ADD Resources

Sarah spoke to our professional organizers group about the challenges of working with ADD/ADHD clients from her unique perspective and broad background as coach, facilitator, advocate, author, engineer, program manager, resource director, corporate executive, and lastly as mother of an ADD child. She covered the subject both from the practical to the neurological aspects of ADD with ease, wisdom, humor, and sensitivity. Having met Sarah before as facilitator of a CHADD group, and having read her book Fidget to Focus, I’m always impressed by her knowledge, her expertise, her thoughtfulness, her sense of peace, her compassion, and above all a laser-like ability to focus and zero right in on the issues at hand. Our group liked Sarah so much that we’ve invited her back to present to the greater professional organizer’s community. You go girl!

Risa Goldberg – Professional Organizer

What people say about working with Sarah as a Coach

I won the lottery when I started working with Sarah. Sarah is easy to talk with and has the intelligence and experience to cut through the useless stuff and help me stay on point. Since I started working with her I have made great strides in many areas and am more relaxed and less emotional. It can be difficult, especially for a man, to ask for help, but it is absolutely worth doing! Sarah’s experience allows her to recognize in rapid fashion what is really going on and coach each individual along the path that will ensure their best opportunity to succeed.

J.H. – Writer and Entrepreneur

My productivity has significantly improved thanks to Sarah’s helping me identify and harness my strengths and what motivates me (rather than through traditional, rigid structure). Her experience in the field of ADHD, vast arsenal of tools/exercises, high emotional intelligence, and very patient demeanor proved to be the working mix I needed to take my “game” to the next level.

N.S. – Entrepreneur

I was too embarrassed to ask for help. After all, as an adult, shouldn’t I be able to manage money, time, and other responsibilities? Do better? Be better? After meeting Sarah and knowing her for over a year, I finally asked for her help in learning to manage my life. She is non-judgmental, solution-oriented, and very practical. Within weeks there was a feeling of being in control of my life. That feeling has grown into a feeling of competence, and that has grown into greater self-esteem, self-respect, and self-responsibility. Working with her was painless, easy, fun, and is producing lasting results. Thanks, Sarah!

J.K. – Fitness Instructor

Thank God for ADD coaches! You understand it’s physiological-not psychological. You understand that no amount of guilt-ridding counseling will make me any more able to cope. You understand that I do value myself, and that the problem is actually my lack of being able to be organized enough to transition into things that are good for me. And you understand that unlimited venting only wears me out. What I need are practical applications for dealing with the situation. I felt like the therapist and I were speaking two different languages. Thank God you speak the same one I do!

S.G. – Writer

This is really making a difference! Coaching with you has really helped me helped me to know who I am and how my mind works. I don’t feel like I have to do it all anymore, and I don’t feel as overwhelmed all the time. It has helped me to get some order into my life, to set boundaries, and to be able to say no when I need to. I’m also learning to set deadlines and to meet them. It’s all coming together for me!

S.A. – Artist

Thank you so much for helping me understand my man. He knows he has ADD, but neither he nor I knew what that really meant, nor how it impacts his life and our relationship. The information you shared with me really helped me get it, and I now feel less angry and frustrated with him.

J.H. – Insurance Broker