SPARK – a New Reason to Get off your Butt

Being a restless type myself, I’m a big fan of movement and exercise as a means of self-regulation. If you’ve read my book, Fidget to Focus, you’ll know many of the techniques I use in my own life to stay focused.

Being an evangelist for the Body/Brain connection (how what we do with our bodies affects our brains), I was really excited to learn last year that Dr. John Ratey of Driven to Distraction fame was writing a new book entitled Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.

Well, it has just come out and everyone should read this book! And I do mean everyone: you, your spouse, your parents, your kids, their teachers, your doctors. EVERYONE!

I originally put off opening it as I was afraid it would be dry and technical, but it’s not at all. I found it so compelling and easy to read I could hardly put it down. So go read it. And then come tell me how it’s changed your life!