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Personal Coaching

  • For people who wish their lives were less stressful and more successful, more organized, more productive, and more fun.
  • For people who are motivated to achieve meaningful personal
    goals, but who may need help in doing so.

Coaching begins with a desire achieve specific personal goals and an acknowledgment that you might need help in doing so. Your coach helps you assess where you are right now, and then helps you develop the personalized strategies and skills to achieve the things you really want to achieve.

You can use a coach to help achieve a short-term goal, for spot improvement, or as a personal trainer for greater growth and improvement over time. Working with a coach keeps you focused on what’s important to you, and that added focus almost always results in reaching more of your goals and being happier with your life.

Coaching with me starts with you answering a couple of questionnaires followed by a 90-minute consultation, during which you and I get clear on what you want to achieve, on what’s currently working well for you, and what’s not. By the end of the consultation you will have developed greater insight into your own ADHD and a clear plan on how to proceed in order to achieve your goals.

Contact me to get started.

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Group Coaching

  • More affordable access to coaching with the added bonus of the shared wisdom and experience of the group.
  • Group members are matched for common interests and needs.

Many of the benefits of personal coaching at a fraction of the cost. Groups meet weekly by phone and are formed around a common interest or need. For instance:

  • College students who want to stay on top of their work
  • Artists who want to be more successful
  • Entrepreneurs who need help to move forward

Participants benefit from the combined experience, wisdom, and synergy of the group as well as access to the coach. Contact me to inquire out about a coaching group suitable for your needs.

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Presentations & Education

Customized presentations for your group or event. Classes, seminars, or workshops.

As an expert in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, also called ADD or AD/HD), I also do presentations for medical specialists, teachers, and other professionals to help them better understand ADHD, how to minimize its negative aspects, and how to live with it successfully at home, at school, and in the workplace. Contact me to discuss a workshop or presentation tailored to the needs of your group or event.

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