Saudi Arabia ADHD Support Group

I’m very pleased to share with you that in a few days I’ll be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to present a five-day seminar on ADHD and Coaching.

I have been working with Jeremy Varnham, Manager, and Dr. Suad al Yamani, Director of the Saudi ADHD Support Group for several months to prepare five days of lectures to present to parents, teachers, and other professionals. I am very pleased with the course material, and am looking forward to presenting it. I am also looking forward to meeting my hosts and seminar attendees.

At this articular moment I’m rather worn out with the preparations, which include taking care of all my holiday preparations before I leave. But I’m very much looking forward to the trip. I expect I’ll have more to talk about soon.

Should you actually be in that part of the world, the English version of the website lists the dates incorrectly. The seminar will run from December 11-15. If you can come, please introduce yourself to me! I look forward to meeting you.