How to Find an ADHD Savvy Doctor

Perhaps surprisingly, a lot of people are unhappy with their doctor, or are having trouble finding a doctor who knows anything about ADHD. Even though ADHD is the most common DSM-IV diagnosis in children, most doctors have received scant training in diagnosing and treating this disorder. They can open the DMS-IV and follow the guidelines, but they aren’t by any means experts.

So, how do you find a doctor that is both experienced and skilled in working with ADHD? You should start with this guideline from the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA). If you have a list of doctors from you health insurance in-service program, you can use the guideline to vet which ones really do know about ADHD. You can also contact your local CHADD chapter. Ask for their local resources directory. It may be a member-only benefit, but family membership in CHADD is inexpensive and definitely worth having. Or you can contact a local ADHD Coach. Coaches often have a list of doctors they recommend or refer to.

You can also use the online resources directories at ADDA, CHADD, ADD Resources, or the ADHD Physician Directory (sponsored by and Shire Pharmaceuticals). Note that professionals typically pay to be in these directories. That means only that they specialize in ADHD. It doesn’t say anything about how good they are. Just be sure to ask any doctor specific questions about their expertise with ADHD before you entrust them with your or your child’s care.