Gramma's Garden Interview

Pam Glidden is a much loved long time volunteer and activist in the world of ADHD. She lives and works near Seattle, WA. She hosts a Blog Talk Radio Show called Gramma’s Garden, with the following wonderful welcoming message:

Welcome to Gramma’s Garden Party, Where Nobody Is Ever Told To Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pay Attention

On March 4, 2010, she interviewed me for her listeners on the topic of ADHD Coaching. We talk about ADHD, fidgeting, what coaches do, whether a coach might be helpful for you or someone you love, and how to find one. You can listen to the interview here. The actual interview starts about 8 minutes in.

Last day to sign up for Virtual ADHD Conference!

Today is the last day to sign up for the Virtual ADHD Conference. It’s a great deal and not to be missed. All you do to participate in a session is pick up the phone or sit down at your computer. Once you’ve signed up you’ll get an email with great instructions on the program and all the details. There’s also a forum to chat with other participants about the various sessions.

My presentation on “Living with ADHD: ‘A’ is for Anxiety” will be Wednesday at 3:00 pm eastern time. Other presentations you won’t want to miss include hearing Drs. Hallowell, Sari Solden, Daniel Amen and others live.

I’d hate for you to miss this extraordinary opportunity. Going to a live conference can cost $2,500 including registration, air fare, hotel, etc. This will cost you just under $250 to attend all sessions, or just under $350 if you’d like to receive transcripts and recordings of the sessions at the close of the conference. Disclaimer: I do get a small commission if you sign up, but that’s not why I’m so enthusiastic about this conference. I love going to conferences because I get to talk to the experts. But going to conferences is expensive. That’s why this conference is so great. The same opportunity to speak with the best known and respected experts on ADHD at a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of your own home or office.

Click HERE to sign up NOW. Remember, the conference starts tomorrow and this is your last chance to sign up.I hope to “see you” there!

Attend the First Ever Virtual ADHD Conference

If you haven’t had a chance to attend an ADHD conference, whether because they were too far away or too expensive, here’s your chance to hear all the latest and greatest from the best know people in the profession without leaving home.

September 22-24, you can participate in the world’s first international Virtual ADHD Conference. The top ADHD experts in the world will all be gathered “virtually” for you to access the latest information on research, treatment, strategies and more…all via telephone in the comfort of your home or office. You will be able to participate at your own pace and enjoy numerous “perks” as a registered attendee.

Speakers include: Ned Hallowell, Sari Solden, Dan Amen, John Ratey, Pat Quinn, Michele Novotni, Wilma Fellman, Kate Kelly, Linda Anderson, Wendy Richardson, and many more (including me!)

Topics include: Finding the Buried Treasure in ADHD (Hallowell), Successfully Navigating the Journey of Adult ADHD (Solden), Healing ADHD Using Brain SPECT Imaging (Amen), Eating Disorders in Women and Girls with ADHD (Quinn), Living with ADHD: ‘A’ is for Anxiety (Wright), and much more.

There will be a virtual conference site also set up where people can chat with one another, download material/handouts before each session, and even have access to the experts. There will be virtual goodie bags given to all attendees, and there’s lots more surprises we’ll be sharing in the near future.

Read more and sign up here.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

Thanks, and hope to “see” you there!