TADD Talk: ADHD Coaching Matters

As part of ADHD Awareness Month 2014, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) created TADD Talks, where selected experts were recorded Talking about ADD each day for the entire month! TADD recordings are about 10 minutes long, so they can easily be enjoyed every day. That being said, I was honored to be asked to give one of ADDA’s TADD talks. You can listen to the talk on ADHD Coaching Matters here. I hope you find it interesting (and useful)!

Don’t “Should” on Yourself

On September 25th, 2014, Margarita Tartakovsky posted another great article at PsychCentral on Adult ADHD. For it she interviewed both me and Dr. Ari Tuckman. Here are the first few parapgraphs:

Adults with ADHD often hold all kinds of “shoulds.” These include everything from I should be able to remember that to I shouldn’t need a pill to do what I’m supposed to do to I shouldn’t need all these reminders or alarms, according to Ari Tuckman, PsyD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in ADHD.

Other common beliefs include: I should be able to do this by myself and I should be able to do it that way, said Sarah D. Wright, a life coach who specializes in working with people who have attention disorders.

“These statements aren’t helpful because they put a value judgment onto a factual matter,” said Tuckman. That is, they assume that you should be able to do something you can’t do.

You can read the rest of this great article here:
Adults with ADHD – Shrinking Shoulds

A Brief History of ADHD (& ADHD Awareness Week)

During ADHD Awareness Week in October 2012, I was guest expert at ImpactADHD.

ImpactADHD® is a community of parents with similar circumstances who come together to support each other and learn how to take a coach-approach to raising your kids. Being part of a community that includes compassionate coaches helps us all stay the course, set limits, try new things, find acceptance, change our habits, laugh instead of cry, understand instead of yell. Thrive instead of just survive.

Read my article about the history of ADHD and ADHD Awareness Week here. You might just learn something you didn’t know!

The History of ADHD Coaching and the ACO

On December 29, 2011, I was interviewed by Jeff Copper of Attention Talk Radio on the topic of the history and evolution of ADHD Coaching and the ADHD Coaches Organization.

From the radio show blurb:

Join us for this episode of Attention Talk Radio. Host, Jeff Copper, interviews Sarah Wright, ADHD coach and former president of the ADHD Coaches Organization. The two discuss a brief history of coaching and the evolution of ADHD coaching and then have an in depth discussion around the history of the ADHD Coaches Organization, including its humble beginnings, the players and volunteers, and where the ACO is today. If you’re an ADHD coach or interested in learning about the ACO, this show is for you!

Listen to the interview here.

Saudi Arabia ADHD Support Group

I’m very pleased to share with you that in a few days I’ll be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to present a five-day seminar on ADHD and Coaching.

I have been working with Jeremy Varnham, Manager, and Dr. Suad al Yamani, Director of the Saudi ADHD Support Group for several months to prepare five days of lectures to present to parents, teachers, and other professionals. I am very pleased with the course material, and am looking forward to presenting it. I am also looking forward to meeting my hosts and seminar attendees.

At this articular moment I’m rather worn out with the preparations, which include taking care of all my holiday preparations before I leave. But I’m very much looking forward to the trip. I expect I’ll have more to talk about soon.

Should you actually be in that part of the world, the English version of the website lists the dates incorrectly. The seminar will run from December 11-15. If you can come, please introduce yourself to me! I look forward to meeting you.

Virtual ADHD Conference, October 4-6, 2010

It’s coming up again! This time it’s the 3rd annual Virtual ADHD Conference, October 4-6, on a phone near you!

The Virtual ADHD Conference offers you all the benefits of attending a physical conference, with none of the hassles. This is your opportunity to interact with the experts, get your questions answered, connect with the community, and get the tools and resources you need to succeed… Without ever leaving home!

I’ll be presenting at 10:15 am Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 5 on the special needs of ADHD teens and what you can do to help you both survive those years. You can read more here or listen to my interview about my presentation.

And here’s where to sign up! This is a chance for you to listen live to well know and popular presenters like Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Patricia Quinn, and get useful current information on topics such as medication, mindfulness training, bullying, anxiety, how to deal with your stuff, and much more.

So, I do hope you’ll sign up, and I also hope I’ll “see” you there!
All my best,

In San Diego on 9/13/10 – The Special Needs of ADD/ADHD Clients (for organizers)

Professional organizers are wonderful people. If your stuff is holding you hostage, call an organizer! Remember those old westerns where the cavalry rides in and saves the day? An organizer can ride in and be your rescuer, helping with everything from paperwork disasters to garages, kitchens, and closets to help with moving out and in to organizing estate sales.

This coming Monday at 7:00pm I’ll be helping the National Association of Professional Organizer of San Diego better understanding their ADD/ADHD Clients. Here are the details:

From the NAPO San Diego event calendar:

September 13th Chapter Meeting (Speaker: Sarah D. Wright, M.S.)
6:15 pm to 8:30 pm (optional open networking until 9 pm)
Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center

Sponsor: NAPO-San Diego
Topic: Understanding the ADD/ADHD Client
Speaker: Sarah D. Wright, M.S., A.C.T.

Learn what the latest research tells us about ADHD and how you can apply this to successful strategies for helping clients.

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Hope to see you there!

In San Diego on 9/9/10: Teens Need Help Too!

WHAT:     The special needs of teens with ADHD
WHO:       Roxanne Fouché, Roya Kravetz, and Sarah D. Wright
WHEN:     Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 6pm
WHERE:   Learning Development Services, 3754 Clairemont Dr., San Diego CA 92117

Roxanne Fouché, current president of San Diego LDA, Roya Kravetz, former director of TASK, a comprehensive ADHD clinic in Carmel Valley, and Sarah D. Wright, immediate past president of the ADHD Coaches Organization and former chapter coordinator of San Diego County CHADD, and all parents of ADHD sons, will present on the special needs of teens with ADHD. Come prepared for a lively and useful presentation and discussion on how you can help your teens and yourselves negotiate these years with more ease.

This is event is no charge and open to the public.

Hope to see you there!