Joining the Celebration!

I am, like so many, celebrating Michael Phelps and his extraordinary accomplishments at the Olympics. Even Google is in on the act!

Michael is being rightfully celebrated for his stunning personal and athletic accomplishments. He is also being celebrated by our ADD/ADHD community as an outstanding ambassador for what life with ADHD can be like when we are supported and encouraged to develop what we are good at (rather than fix what we’re not). He stands now at the pinnacle of the sporting world. He is also a world class champion when he and his mom stand up and let the world know he is ADHD and proud of it!

In 2007 ADDitude magazine published this article on How to Raise an ADHD Superstar. Michael’s mother, Debbie Phelps was interviewed for this article, along with Dr. Yvonne Pennington (mother of Ty Pennington, star of the hit TV series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), and Karen Fisher (mother of Danielle Fisher, the youngest person to scale all seven of the world’s tallest mountains).

You can also watch the wonderful interview with Bob Costas. The first half of the interview is with Michael and his coaches. The interview with his mother starts at the 14:58 mark. Their mutual love, respect, admiration, and support are a joy to watch. They also talk about his ADHD and how swimming plus ADHD became such a winning combination.

Go Michael!

Rock the SAT

A friend just sent me this:

P.S. More and more I see ADD strategies being mainlined to the public without being labeled as “ADD”. Here’s a link to an NPR story about using music to study for the SATs…

It’s a story about a new system for studying the SATs using music: Rock the SAT. They wrote songs to help you memorize vocabulary for the SAT. Check it out.

Photo Mosaics – Play with Perspective

Here’s a fun way to play with perspective. You’ve seen those photo mosaics where a larger image is made up of many smaller ones. Up close you can see all the little snapshots. Stand back a few feet and you can’t see either the snapshots or the big picture very well. Stand back a few yards and the composite image becomes really clear.

Well, here’s a way to make your own photo mosaic with a downloadable shareware program. One of my family members did this. She took the finished file for professional printing and the effect was stunning. I can just imagine what a great gift your own montage might make for someone you love, or as a keepsake of a special event.

The software is available here. Enjoy!