Procrastination – It’s Not All Bad

I just finished the conference book handouts for my presentation at the ADHD Coaches Conference in May. It’s 5:00 pm the day before they are due. I’ve known about this deadline for four months already. So why did I just now finish them? Because somehow I just couldn’t get to them before. Up until this last week, they just weren’t the most important thing on my to do list. But in spite of putting them off until the last minute, I’m not going to loose any sleep or stress over them. They are actually done by the close of work the day before they are due and they are done well.

How did I pull off this trick? Well, it’s because I planned to procrastinate.

I had a pretty good idea of how much time I would need to accomplish this, and so I blocked out the time I would need to finish my research and do the write ups. I scheduled that time in the week before they were due so that the pressure of the deadline would keep me at my desk.

I find this is the way I deal with many things: taxes, my monthly contributions to the ADHD Coaches Newsletter, etc. As long as I have everything ready to go when I sit down to the task at that moment when nothing else is more important, it works perfectly. So, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with procrastinating. The trick to making procrastination work for you is to plan it. Try it, and see how it works for you.