Do You Believe In Meds?

One ADHD-related topic in which perspective is important, is meds. I’m not for meds or against them, but I am against making life-effecting decisions base on bad information.

I’ve heard people say they wouldn’t consider meds, but they would take a “natural” stimulant to help with their ADHD symptoms. I’ve heard people say they won’t take meds because no drug is 100% safe. I’ve heard people say that the drugs commonly used to treat the symptoms of ADHD are not well studied. I’ve heard people say they won’t give their child meds because of fear of drug abuse. I’ve heard people say they don’t want treatment because they want to “handle it spiritually.”

What I hear in each of these positions is a tightly held belief, a single perspective.

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Sarah's World Famous Fudge Sauce

I’ve been making this since I was a graduate student. For a while back then I made it regularly and gained more weight in a shorter amount of time than I care to reveal. I no longer have any idea of where I got the original recipe. I think perhaps an old copy of The Joy of Cooking. It is a real treat and has definitely earned its reputation as Sarah’s World Famous Fudge Sauce among the special people I make it for.

2 squares unsweetened Baker’s Chocolate
1 Tbl butter
1 C sugar
½ C water
1 tsp vanilla

In a heavy-bottomed saucepan over low heat melt chocolate and butter together. When completely melted, add sugar and water, stir until blended, turn heat to medium. When mixture reaches a full rolling boil, boil 3 more minutes, stirring occasionally. Then, remove from heat and place bottom of pan in a basin or sink of cold water. Stirring constantly, stir until the sauce has cooled to room temperature. Stir in the vanilla.

This sauce tends to crystallize if you keep it very long (like overnight in the fridge), so I usually make just enough for one sitting. It’s probably better that way anyway!

My Favorite Recipes

I love to eat. I usually like to cook. But I hate to plan meals ahead. The way it works in my household is that someone (usually my husband) will mention that it’s getting late, they are getting hungry, and they want to know what’s the plan for dinner. It’s at that point that I go into the kitchen, look around, and figure out what I’m going to have on the table in 30 minutes. I figure this is a pretty ADD thing, and that many visitors to this blog will find themselves in a similar position. So I thought I’d share my favorite recipes in the hopes that other moms (and dads and kids) will find something useful and enjoyable in these posts.

Look for my Sarah’s World Famous Fudge Sauce coming next.

Perspectives, Life, and ADHD

Hi. I am Sarah D. Wright, a professional personal coach specializing in working with adults who have attentional issues. Welcome to my blog.

The title of this very first post is Perspectives, Life, and ADHD because I think perspective is often what it’s all about. Like those collages of little photos arranged so that together they make a larger image, the angle or distance from which you view the image makes all the difference in what you see. Up close, your attention is captured by one or just a few of the smaller images. You have no sense at all of the bigger picture they contribute to. Take several steps back, and you may not be able to clearly see the little images, but the larger images becomes clear.

I find perspective is very valuable when living with ADHD. For instance, if we focus on what we can’t do or at least can’t do easily, then we stop noticing what we can do. If we ignore what’s easy for us and only value what’s hard, then we turn our backs on our gifts and try to be what we’re not.

I hope with this blog to share various perspectives on Life and ADHD to inform and challenge and entertain you who visit.

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me.
I’ll be happy to hear from you.