Sarah D. Wright is an internationally known ADHD coach, speaker, and author. She specializes in working with people who have attention disorders or ADHD, which is also known as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, AD/HD, and ADD –– all names for the same thing.

Sarah has been a program manager, resource director, and corporate executive. She is also the parent of a young adult diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, and knows firsthand the joys and frustrations of living with these disorders.

As an expert in the field of ADHD and ADHD Coaching, Sarah gives presentations regionally, nationally, and internationally.

As an accomplished writer, Sarah is author of ADHD Coaching Matters, the ADHD Coaching profession’s only reference book, co-author of the perennially popular book Fidget to Focus, and contributing author to numerous other books, publications, and peer-reviewed research papers.

As a leader—and for the benefit of everyone affected by ADHD—Sarah has been helping to promote the ADHD Coaching profession since 2005. She is a founding board member of the ADHD Coaches Organization, where she served as president for many years, and was the 2012 recipient of that organization’s Founders Award for Distinguished Service to the Professional ADHD Coach Community. She was the first Executive Director of the Edge Foundation where she was, among other things, responsible for the logistics of the Edge Foundation’s landmark study on the effects of ADHD Coaching on outcomes for college students. And she is a founding member of the ADHD Awareness Month Coalition where she helped to create ADHD Awareness Month which is now celebrated world-wide.

Sarah splits her time between San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida.

You can contact her here.