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It is my experience that everyone who works as a professional in the world of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, also called ADD and AD/HD) does so for personal reasons. For me it started with my son. Someone who inspires me daily by exhibiting both astonishing gifts and commensurately frustrating challenges. There is nothing ordinary about this young man, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being gifted with this child allowed me to discover my own greatest gifts and to gain clarity into what is most important to me. This is why I do what I do.

Sarah’s Vision, Values, and Mission

Sarah’s Vision

A world where brain-based differences and disabilities are so well understood, managed, minimized, and destigmatized, that they are of no significant impact in a person’s life; a world where everyone is celebrated and rewarded for whatever he or she is genuinely good at.

Sarah’s Values

Service: I value sharing what I know, and helping clients develop less stressful, more rewarding, and more illuminated lives. I value cultivating and nurturing the best in everyone.

Relationship: I value friendship and “being there” for my clients with appreciation, compassion, empathy, integrity, and humor.
Personal Growth. I value personal growth and well-being in myself and others. I value the effort and the courage this kind of work takes.

Excellence: I value doing things well.

Sarah’s Mission

My mission is two-fold.

  1. As a specialist in ADHD I work with other professionals and the general public to develop a better understanding of ADHD, how to minimize its negative aspects, and how to live with it successfully. I do this through presentations and publications.
  2. As a life coach, I work with people who wish they were more effective in life. People who wish they could:
    • start and finish things,
    • know where to begin and what to do next,
    • figure out how to get organized and stay organized,
    • have more fun and be less frustrated.

I help my clients master these challenges by working with them to better understand their own way of doing things, how to be at their best more of the time, and what puts them into their zone. I help my clients by working with them to create personalized systems and strategies for their own unique situation, then staying with them, encouraging them as they implement these new habits on their way to success.

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Sarah’s Background

I am a professional personal coach, one of the few in the nation trained specifically to work with people affected by ADHD. I have also been a teacher, organizer, program manager, resource director, and corporate executive. I have years of experience guiding projects from beginning to end, and know how to manage details without neglecting the big picture.

I grew up in a suburb of Boston with my parents, two siblings, and a dog, then headed to California for college. I graduated from Stanford University where I studied Geology and German, and then from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I earned a second degree in Geology.

After graduating and finding there were no jobs for someone with my specialized training, I made my first career change, training on the job and becoming a software engineer at a geophysical R&D firm.

A couple of years later I made my second career change when I was offered a position at a startup aerospace company. I began there as a line engineer developing software to control small satellites.

As I gained experience in the work place I was given increasing responsibility, and thus discovered what I was born to do. I found I was skilled at employee development, team building, project management, and systems development.

I discovered I was particularly good at listening, communicating, problem solving, and keeping people on track. And I also noticed that I was a stabilizing influence for the brilliant and creative people I was privileged to work with. By the time I left that company, I was Executive Vice President and in charge of the people-related aspects of the company.

In the period that followed, I home schooled my son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, and re-assessed what I wanted from life. Wanting to build on both my life experiences and the skills I had developed in a corporate environment, I enrolled in the Optimal Functioning Institute’s comprehensive ADHD Coach Training program, and later in a year-long NLP training course with a focus on ADHD. Having made the decision to leave the corporate world behind, I now use my talents to help my clients discover their own gifts and use them to lead more successful, effective, and rewarding lives.

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Sarah’s Education and Affiliations


Stanford University, BS
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MS
Optimal Functioning Institute, ACT
NLP Certified Practitioner


Member, International Coach Federation (ICF)
Member, ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)
Member, San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA)
Member, Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD)
Member, Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)

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